Battle Stomach Bugs with Grape Juice

I know… You think I am crazy. I get it. My husband gave me that “Oh not another natural remedy eye roll” when I asked him to run to the store for it, but seriously guys… Hear me out!

Last Friday, I was called to get my baby girl because she had caught a bug going around school. So I picked her up, she puked all over me, her car seat and everything else around us. She threw up several times that day. After my husband picked up our son from school, I asked him to run out to the store so we could all three get started on this.

That night and the next two days we drank 4-6 oz of 100% Concord Grape Juice (no sugar added) three times per day.FullSizeRender

After doing several loads of laundry; cleaning floors, car seats and carpet, kissing my sweet sick baby, and disinfecting any place she had been, we both remained stomach bug free.  A few visitors were around us for 2 hours and did not remain bug-free.

It has also been suggested to continue one glass per day for up to two weeks after exposure due to the fact that stomach bugs can take that much time to “shed” from the body.

Here is the science behind it: The grape juice changes the pH in your intestinal tract so that the virus is not able to multiply. The stomach bug doesn’t actually attack your stomach, it attacks your small and large intestines. The idea is to flush and kill the virus or dramatically lesson the symptoms by changing the pH of the intestines to be more alkaline– which stops the virus from taking over. There is loads  of information showing that purple grape juice is anti-bacterial. It kills food-borne illnesses, such as; salmonella, e. coli, listeria, shigella, and H. Pylori. The juice has various anti-viral chemicals, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants 

There are some exceptions to this trick: You must start when you are exposed to the bug, not when symptoms begin. You DO NOT want to throw up grape juice.

*Like most remedies, it absolutely does not work for every person who tries it. It can make your suffering worse if taken after symptoms start. However, it is worth trying.

*I will disclose that the 2.5 yo did not, but he also refused the juice the first night and wanted milk the next morning. When he go the bug it did not last as long, which is also a product of this remedy