Bloom Where You’re Planted


I have been a coach’s spouse for 7 seasons. Yes, we go by seasons not years in our home. We have moved eight times, which is difficult for me because I am an apprehensive person, unless I REALLY know you. In that case, I am an over-sharer of thoughts (as my sister says), singer of random words, and maker of funny faces.

When I first became a coach’s wife, I had no idea what my life would be like.

I didn’t know that sports would be so significant to my life, which is totally fine-I love sports.

I didn’t know that, while my husband coached college football, I would be a “mom away from home.”

I had no idea there would be boys at my house every day.

There was no indication that I would weep for boys who had come from rough homes, especially since I am not a crier.

I didn’t think I would call someone other than my child “son.”

I would not have believed you if you told me I would drive for HOURS to see former players play in bowl games.

I didn’t know that he would be gone most of the time with players, parents, and other coaches.

I didn’t realize I would appreciate my former coaches for putting in long hours, and loving me despite my hard-head.

You couldn’t have told me that I would have bonds with women across the US that are also coach’s wives.

I had no idea it would cause me to love him more for his role in past, present, and future players lives.

I didn’t know that our relationship as husband and wife, and his career as a coach, would bring us both closer to Christ.

There were times, early in our marriage; I would have changed his career. I would have begged him to move back home, but I have learned that God WILL give you more than you can handle. He will help you to grow into your role as a coach’s wife. He will help you Bloom Where You’re Planted. He might pick you up and plant you somewhere else. He might plant you a lot of places. Just remember – Hang in there, Pray, and Love your coach. He is making a difference, and you are too!


What are some things that have you have learned living as a wife of a coach?


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